My playingfield is at the intersection of communication and production. I design and realize programs for companies and organizations, programs that focus on internal and external communication on, for example, change processes, new partnerships and team development.

In the past 20 years I have collected a large number of tools for my kit. And that is not unimportant, because as a client you can still have such an impressive message to tell, if you do not choose the right communication channels and means, then this will have a negative effect on the efficiency of your communication. The return is an important guideline for determining 'what works and what doesn't work'. It thus forms the basis for your future communication.


In addition, the return offers you as a client a clear insight into 'the input of your target group'; about what they find urgent and important. You can also use this input very well to analyze in which way your target group best absorbs information and then actually works with it.

Communicating successfully and with high impact is more than analyzing and planning. It requires a fresh perspective on the matter, a healthy dose of humor & creativity and the ability to put things into perspective. And that is easy to write on, the reality is often more difficult. The fact remains that I am busy every day with the development and realization of workshops, information meetings and seminars