I launched a new live communication concept for the UMCG: The Reflection Table.   A round table with seven chairs, six participants and a facilitator.

On the table at each chair is an iPad with headphones. Participants take their seats at the table. With the iPad, each participant has access to six different monologues. The monologues are scripted and voiced by voice actors. Each monologue (duration about 2 minutes) represents a professional group at the UMCG, e.g. a surgeon, a lab technician, a cleaner and a professor.

The theme is the same for each monologue, also each monologue is sometimes somewhat hilarious and persiflling. The differences lie in the perceptions of each character. We know that your perceptions are influenced and filtered by emotions, cultural background, (religious) beliefs, peer pressure, education level, etc., among others. This can sometimes create big differences in the way and intensity individuals act in certain situations.

In a minimum of three to a maximum of six rounds, the participants listen to one monologue per round; it is decided in advance whether the six participants listen to the same monologue or can make their own choice. After listening to the monologue, a short round of exchange of ideas follows, led by the facilitator.  

The results of The Reflection Table are twofold. Participants find it difficult to really put themselves in someone else's shoes and not to let their own assumptions and prejudices play too prominent a role in their assessment of the other person.  

In short, The Reflection Table creates space for mutual respect and trust.