Tony Buijs verandertraject impact communicatie

Tony Buijs (56) has been successfully building the road for years - as he calls it - in 'the wonderful world of live communication'. His approach is transparent and efficient. Tony Buijs thinks along and talks with clients. He has a strong focus on the return on investment for the programs that he develops and implements.


Slightly quirky, appropriately stubborn, professional with a clear vision about communication. For Tony Buijs, it's all about the bigger picture and the details!



Born in Amsterdam, long lived in North Brabant and settled in 1984 in Groningen. Returned to the Randstad recently. Proud father of Marieke, Niek & Anne Floor.

In his spare time he likes to sit on a racing bike and drink a good glass of wine with equal pleasure ... which in itself is a challenging combination. He finds peace in his 1989 Boston Whaler Outrage.

His motto is: 'Register merciless, judge mildly'.