Teamwork and Teambuilding ... With all due respect but if you want to be serious about improving your team performance then 'a day out together' really doesn't contribute to that. Admittedly it is fun, but whether the team benefits from it? How then? Train team skills! Well considered, team skills do not exist at all. Working together in teams requires individual skills. And that is precisely why improving teams is often so difficult. We put the focus wrong: on the team instead of on the team member.

When improving individual skills you can think of: giving and receiving feedback, dealing with conflicts, delegating and dealing with dilemmas. It is of great importance that every team member understands how a group of people work together and what role they play in this.

This quickly creates a clear focus on improving teams: training individual skills, knowledge of group dynamics, building the team and - not to mention - focus on results. But first, let's start by training and practicing those individual skills that make every group member a better team player.

I have developed and realized programs for various large and medium-sized companies on this theme on behalf of Boards of Directors and Directors. I often use the so-called 'ME-model' when developing programs. This method puts - as the name implies - the individual at the center. He or she determines and directs.

The ME-model arose from the many insights I have gained in recent years in the field of teamwork and behavioral change. Insights from practice and supported by models from, among others, prof. B.J. Fogg. In the ME-model, the individual (team member) is the starting point and leading in the process.

Naturally, I am happy to explain my vision in the field of behavioral adaptation and teamwork in a personal conversation.