I take great pride and pleasure in working with my clients. Their vision, ambitions & challenges are the driving force behind my inspiration..


teams samenwerken

The cooperation between two Dutch dairy giants has been settled. We are already involved in the realization of a number of meetings at an early stage. Most striking is the meeting for 70 international members of management. 


Public Affairs campagne

An epic journey with 100 electric scooters from 's-Hertogenbosch to the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. No fewer than 300 students completed this monster tour and wrote a manifesto on 'How to stimulate electric transport globally'. 



Vital employees feel good and perform better. In the current age, Healthy aging takes a prominent place in society and therefore also in the workplace. A nationally operating health insurance company will be on its way with a 'vitality program'



The time that you as a client or initiator could organize a seminar, congress or conference and your participants only came to listen, that time is far behind us. The influence of social media, crowd funding, hybrid solutions is enormous ... Beautiful development!



At times it is indeed difficult to explain why   your colleague behaves the way he or she does.

Certainly if the worries of your work require a lot of your time and energy. It is precisely then that it is important that you learn to take into account the perceptions, emotions and beliefs of your colleague.

travel & leisure


I have agreements with my clients about what I can and cannot share with the outside world about realized or current projects. Discretion is a great asset in my field. Live communication abroad is just like at home; all work and no play.  ;-)