For my clients I have worked in more than 15 countries in the past 25 years. I have stood at the cradle of the most diverse programs, both programs with a strict business or study character but also multi-day trips with a focus on leisure. Time and again I have benefited greatly from my 'eye for detail'. Pampering your guests is not always about glamor & luxury. In my opinion, pampering is mainly due to attention, being alert to personal wishes and responding quickly to unexpected situations. With large groups or a select group of participants, it's all about the details (and the big picture, of course).

I have clear agreements with my current clients about what I can and cannot share with the outside world about realized or current projects. You understand that I will stick to these agreements. I would therefore like to limit myself by stating that in practically every European country I have set foot on the ground (in business terms) and that speed and efficiency are required and offered in that respect, may be clear. The most recent road show that I produced, both in form and content, brought me to fourteen European cities in just under twenty days.

I am happy with the extensive international network of companies and people with whom I have been able to work in recent years. Once you travel, as a producer you depend on those who are ready for you day and night to assist and advise you.