A special project for a special client. I launched a new concept in one of the eight University Hospitals in the Netherlands; The Table of Perceptions.

A conference table with six chairs in an enclosed space. Sitting at the table - in changing groups - are the staff and management members who are part of the Top 50 of the organization.

On the agenda is an exchange of views on the introduction of so-called meeting places in the hospital. Places where colleagues - whether or not during their working hours - can consult each other briefly. Talking about work or not about work ... the Meeting Places do not have strict rules. But it is a new form of interacting with each other, a new form of communication. In many cases, new forms of communication encounter some resistance, fueled by unfamiliarity with the phenomenon and the lack of information about usefulness and necessity.

The Table of Perceptions was created to give place to this doubt and restraint and to discuss the pros and cons with each other.